Launch of Pastors for Florida Children

On Tuesday, March 26, pastors from around the Florida rallied in support of full funding for public schools in the Sunshine State, launching a new group: Pastors for Florida Children. 

PFC seeks to support each child’s needs and the God given potential through education for all Florida children. They’re also working to connect with public school leaders in each community and in public school classrooms by volunteering and ministering to students and public school workers. This coalition of pastors is faithfully supporting and advocating for Florida’s public schools, teachers and its children.

The faith leaders who rallied on Tuesday stood up for their local public schools, demanding that Florida legislators pass a pro-student budget and say NO to the forces of privatization and charterization. You can read about the pastors’ efforts here and here

All around the country, faith leaders are joining hands with neighborhood public schools to put the needs of our nation’s schoolchildren first.