Our Mission

3694466MISSION: To provide “wrap-around” care and ministry to local schools, principals, teachers, staff and schoolchildren, and to advocate for children by supporting our free, public education system, to promote social justice for children, and to advance legislation that enriches Texas children, families, and communities.

“Pastors and faith leaders of all denominations are joining PTC to support the quality education of ALL Texas children. This organization‚Äôs purpose is to spark a strong, grassroots movement committed to standing up for our children, families and Texas communities.”

Rev. Charles Foster Johnson, Executive Director of Pastors for Texas Children

What Makes Us Different: Pastors for Texas Children is not just another education organization. What makes us different is that we are an independent ministry and outreach group comprised of pastors and church leaders from across the state, organizing to support quality public education opportunities for all Texas children. PTC stands with and for our children, families and communities throughout Texas, and offers solutions that will guard the values of all Texans.