Take Action with PTC: Say NO to Expanded High-Stakes Testing

In our legislative priorities, and our prayerful witness at the Capitol, Pastors for Texas Children, has been crystal clear: we believe in fair and equitable school funding. Specifically, we’ve joined other public schools advocates to rally behind the vision of public school funding put forward in House Bill 3.  Later amendments to this bill complicated this vision, but Texans know what we want: fair and equitable funding for our public schools, our children, and our communities. 

This is where you come in. Today, we’re asking that you call your Texas State Representative and State Senator.  You can find their office numbers here.

Tell your Senator and Representative: I’m concerned about recent amendments to HB3 that tie school funding to standardized test scores.  Let’s be honest: These high-stakes tests demoralize our teachers, traumatize our children, and divert attention from other classroom needs. Furthermore, as every parent knows, tests don’t teach our children. Teachers do.  And they can only do so with more time in the classroom. God’s vision for education is a beloved community of teachers and students, not a testing factory.  We don’t fund our schools because they hit certain test scores. We fund our schools because it’s a Gospel mandate and a moral imperative.

Join us in our faithful witness, as we raise our voices for a fair system of schools that puts the needs of students and their teachers first. Call your representative today.