Prayer for educators offered at Longview ISD convocation

August 18, 2017 – by Rev. Evan M. Dolive, M.Div. – First Christian Church, Longview, Texas

You O God are the author and creator of all life, the ruler of the universe, the giver of all blessings, the sustainer of our souls. You are the beginning and the end, the light that shines in the darkness to show us a new path to take, the source of our hope in times of trail, the source of joy in times of jubilation.

As we begin this new school year remind us why we have chosen to be educators, why we have chosen this profession. Remind us of our desire to share knowledge; restore in us the feeling of joy in seeing a child understand a difficult concept for the first time. Remind us of the students whose lives have been changed because time was taken, effort was given and failure was not an option. This school year may we have the excitement and the wonder of a Kindergartener. May we face this new year with all of its challenges with a strong resolve to make Longview ISD a beacon of education in East Texas.

Remove our doubts in our abilities to make a difference, remove our cynicism that comes from empty promises and misplaced priorities, remove our discouragement with burdens that are unnecessarily placed upon us.

Gracious God, the call to educate is a mighty and monumental task.  We know that it cannot be accomplished without your guidance and Spirit moving and working through us.

Restore our courage to act, to stand up for a struggling student and those who are often forgotten. Renew our spirits that we may see the world with a rejuvenated sense of purpose and self.

May our resolve be more than empty promises but an openness to change our minds and hearts. This in turn will allow us to have a more gracious, loving and spirit filled interaction with students, parents, colleagues and administrators.

O God the challenges that lie before us are not Republican or Democratic issues; they are not Lobo, Pirate, Panther, Bobcat or Eagle issues rather they are moral issues that speak to the way that your followers understand you, your teachings, your commands and the call upon their lives.

We know that when we are united together in the bettering of other’s education it will make Longview stronger, it will make Texas stronger, it will make the United States stronger, it will make the world stronger.

May we find courage, hope, strength and guidance to complete the tasks that lay ahead. Grant this for the sake of your righteous name.  Give success to the work of our hands. Amen.