Rev. Charles F. Johnson speaks at Network for Public Education conference

2Rev. Charles Foster Johnson, the Executive Director of Pastors for Texas Children addressed attendees of the annual conference of the Network for Public Education in Oakland, California in October. Rev. Johnson spoke about the value of public education saying it is a “provision of God’s common good”.  According to Johnson, the local school and the local faith community are two pillars of society, saying to the crowd, “You are the vanguard, you’re holding the line and we can do this together.”

Rev. Johnson also spoke about attacks on public schools by those who want to privatize them for profit. “Your making commodities out of our kids and marketplaces out of our classrooms and we want it to stop right now!” Johnson said to enthusiastic applause.

Johnson finished by saying that educators are giving a message to children. That message is “You are somebody, you have a place. Go and claim that place!”

You can watch the entire speech by clicking here.