2019 Bills to Watch

As we continue our work for fair and equitable school funding in Texas, here are some bills to keep an eye on. Have questions about these bills or how you can get involved in the fight for our schools? Email pastorsfortexaschildren@gmail.com.

HB 627
Relating to the rate of the cigarette tax and the allocation of certain revenue from that tax to the foundation school fund; increasing the rate of a tax.

SB 287
Relating to the availability of free prekindergarten programs in public schools.

SB 292
Relating to expansion of a pilot program under the foundation school program for funding prekindergarten programs provided by certain school districts with early high school graduation programs.

HJR 24

Proposing a constitutional amendment requiring the state to pay at least 50 percent of the cost of maintaining and operating the public school system and prohibiting the comptroller from certifying legislation containing an appropriation for public education unless the requirement is met.